Ten ideas for selling the resin art

Ten ideas for selling the resin art

Selling resin art can be approached from multiple angles. Here are some innovative and creative strategies to help you get started:

1. Online Marketplace Platforms

Etsy Shop: Create a dedicated shop focusing on unique, high-quality resin art pieces.

Amazon Handmade: Leverage Amazon’s vast customer base by setting up a seller account for handmade goods.

Shopify Store: Build a branded online store using Shopify where you can directly sell your resin art. (Sign up for a free trial and enjoy your first month for just $1. Click here)


2. Craft Fairs and Local Markets

Pop-Up Shops: Participate in pop-up shops, craft fairs, and farmer's markets to showcase and sell your art locally.

Art Galleries and Boutiques: Partner with local galleries and boutique stores that might display and sell your work on a consignment basis.

3..Website and SEO 

SEO Optimization: Optimise your website for search engines to drive organic traffic. Use keywords related to resin art, home decor, and bespoke artwork.

Blog Content: Write blog posts about your creative process, care tips for resin art, and interior decoration ideas incorporating resin pieces. This can attract potential customers and establish you as an industry authority.

Open the account on Shopify: (Sign up for a free trial and enjoy your first month for just $1. Click here)

4. Email Marketing

Newsletter: Collect email addresses at events or through your website to send newsletters featuring new products, special offers, and behind-the-scenes content.
Exclusive Discounts: Provide exclusive discounts and early access to new collections for subscribers.

5. Cross-Promotion

Complementary Products: Partner with businesses that sell complementary products to your resin art, such as furniture stores, candle makers, or fashion brands, to cross-promote each other’s products.

Gift Bundles: Offer resin art as part of a gift bundle with other artisanal items.

6. Storytelling and Branding

Brand Story: Share the story behind your brand and the inspiration for your pieces. People love to connect with the artist’s journey and values.

Values & Mission: Emphasize sustainable practices or charitable contributions, if applicable, that can appeal to conscientious consumers.

7. Corporate and Public Art 

Business Partnerships: Approach businesses to provide unique resin art pieces for their offices, lobbies, and reception areas. Companies often look for distinctive decor to enhance their brand’s aesthetic.

Public Spaces: Propose installations or collaborative projects in public spaces such as parks, community centers, or libraries. This can increase visibility and attract local patrons.

Real Estate Staging: Partner with real estate agents to use your resin art in home staging. Beautiful decor can help them sell homes faster while showcasing your work to potential buyers.

Corporate Gifting: Develop a line of resin art products tailored explicitly for corporate gifting during holidays or business events.

8. Unique Product Offerings

Functional Art: Expand your product range to include functional resin art items like tables, clocks, coasters, and trays. (Oceanart tray Shop nowclick here)

Miniature Collections: Offer smaller, more affordable pieces like keychains, jewelry, or phone grips. These can make desirable gifts and provide an entry point for new customers.

9. Customized Experiences 

Custom Orders: Offer bespoke services where customers can commission one-of-a-kind resin art pieces suited to their personal tastes and interior design needs.

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Interactive Customization: Allow clients to be involved in the creative process by choosing colors, elements, and designs that make the end product extra unique.

10. Packaging  and Unboxing

Premium Packaging: Ensure that your packaging reflects the quality and uniqueness of your resin art. Beautiful packaging can enhance the unboxing experience and encourage customers to share it on social media.

Unboxing Videos: Create unboxing videos showcasing how someone might receive your resin art, highlighting the attention to detail and care in presentation.

To sell resin art successfully, utilize a multifaceted approach encompassing both digital and physical realms, enhance customer engagement, and leverage unique marketing strategies.

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