About Me

Hello there, My name is Vicky from HongKong. I am a resin artist and a daydreamer.

I have always been sensitive and observant of various combinations of colours since my childhood, especially the colours that are natural, soft, calming, and comfortable.

I founded Flouris.Craft in 2021, the major inspiration behind the name flouris is the word "Flourish", which means to thrive or grow well.

I have always loved to use epoxy resin to create art. When the colour merges with the resin, the flow of the liquid manifests in different dynamics and beauty.

When mixing various colours, the results are unpredictable even for the artist, but they always come out unique and dynamic.

I hope my creation will bring positive energy to everyone and make them feel the beauty of life.

Inspired by nature, like the flowers, the ocean, and the sea, all my resin artworks are created free, unique and full of depth.

The style of my artwork is natural and comfortable so that it can make you feel the beauty of nature no matter where you are and relax, unwind and envelope yourself with a sense of inner peace.

Infused with a piece of ocean art to help alleviate stress, create a calm state of mind and instill your day with tranquillity and inner peace.


[Home InStyle 2023] HKTDC Speaking Opportunity - Cultural Craftmanship Spotlight 文創工藝焦點

The cultural and creative industries are the vehicle for innovation and heritage preservation. Taking place in the Cultural & Creative Corner, the Creative Craftmanship Spotlight is a sharing session to delve into the story, concept, and uniqueness of special and creative crafts, hoping to promote creativity and support the creative sector in their endeavors to innovate and break new ground. In a compact setting, it serves as a platform for convenient exchanges and interactions revolving around creativity and craftsmanship.
I was so gald to joined and gave a speech sharing my experience and the performance of my brand journey.




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