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Hello, I'm Vicky! Welcome to my world of creation at Flouris.Craft.

Ever since I was a child, I have loved drawing and have always had a keen eye for color combinations. However, I didn't pursue further studies in art. After years of working, I found myself desensitized by the monotony of my job and realized this wasn't what I wanted. Like many others, I experienced depression brought on by societal pressures.

In my quest to find my true passion, I delved into numerous videos online and gradually fell in love with epoxy resin art. My journey led me to create myriad new artworks, combining dried flowers and vibrant pigments. Working on ocean-themed pieces, the blue and green hues particularly captivated me and helped wash away my worries and stress.

Living in Hong Kong, where space and rent are limited, I faced significant challenges, including moving my studio twice because I needed more affordable rent. Despite these obstacles, I never gave up, driven by my passion. Persistence in something you love provides an irreplaceable sense of fulfillment and strength. Though the journey is challenging, steadfast dedication will eventually lead to success.

In 2021, I established my first art brand, Flouris Craft. The name is inspired by the word "Flourish," symbolizing growth and prosperity. Through my brand, I hope my creations are appreciated by many and also provide unwinding and joy to everyone who encounters them. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Explore more at www.flouriscraft.com or search for Flourisart. My art brings you the same serenity and delight it has brought me.



2023 APR HKTDC (Hong Kong Trade Development Council) - Cultural Craftmanship Spotlight and an exhibitor at the Home InStyle 

2024 JUN Gallery by Fine Art Market Hong Kong-  Contemporary art Exhibition in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan




[Home InStyle 2023] HKTDC Speaking Opportunity - Cultural Craftmanship Spotlight 文創工藝焦點

The cultural and creative industries are vehicles for innovation and heritage preservation. In the Cultural & Creative Corner, the Creative Craftmanship Spotlight is a sharing session that delves into unique and creative crafts' stories, concepts, and uniqueness. It hopes to promote creativity and support the creative sector's endeavors to innovate and break new ground. In a compact setting, it serves as a platform for convenient exchanges and interactions revolving around creativity and craftsmanship.
I was so glad to join and give a speech sharing my experience and the performance of my brand journey.




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