Photos credit by @thegreatroomoffices

Thank you for having me at their event to hold an ocean resin art workshop. This was a  challenge for 8pax for the handle-up, but in the end, it was a success. I also want to thank my assistant; she was very helpful, and the workshop wouldn't have gone smoothly without her. The participants did their ocean on the tray and learned how to blow a beautiful lacing like a natural ocean. I was able to teach them the basics of resin art and how to unleash their inner artist. It is always a thing of joy for me to teach students my passion and it gladdens my heart when they were able to create calm, sea blues and foamy lacing of Seascape Resin Art. Each participant took time to complete the task creatively after I had fully guided and demonstrated how to perform it to them. It was amazing to see it all come out together beautifully. Thank you once again for having me at your event. It was a wonderful experience!


Over the past two weekends' workshops, every participant used their creativity to make ocean theme wood mini trays designed in unique patterns.
So delighted to see their smiles throughout the process, and that pleasant atmosphere gave us motivation even though sometimes there were tense moments when we came across the heating device to unleash the lacing effect of the waves. But I was so proud of them even the first time to try it.